After buying a Tecnam P2010 back in April of 2021, I can finally fly it after all the paperwork, inspections, more paperwork and . . .

That's me and my land lady (renting me a hangar) and maybe I'll call the plane Gwen, as the ATC designator is TWEN/G

So here is my first landing at Pilot Country airport, Spring Hill, FL (X05)

You know a good landing is anytime you can walk away from the landing, a great one is when you get to use the airplane again.

So not my best, but a start.

And this is my instructor giving me check out (Immanuel)

Immanuel CFI

So you probably get the BE, but 339 ??? well that is our old PO Box number, why that, why not, you need some number and letters, and it wasn't active, so I took it.

Video courtesy of another instructor sitting in the run up area.

And the dual screen G1000 flight displays, definitely a video game with wings, probably the hardest thing to get used to after differential braking to steer (which turned out to be easy). videoGame

And one of Gwens hangar mates in the background.

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