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So Wordle is running more rampant than Omicron. I got hooked after reading an article in Popular Mechanics on the mathematics of Wordle. That intrigued me, so I started playing at wordlegame.org

I followed that article suggestion. It was looking for vowels predominantly. So I followed that suggestion and using the letter frequency there came up with vowel oriented guesses for the first 2 words which covered most vowels.


Later I adopted a starting word full of vowels to uncover those, this is one of Kitzi's words.


But then I started thinking that consonants are more important, in fact some languages hardly use vowels at all (Hebrew and Arabic). In emphasizing vowels, you waste guesses as vowels get repeated in your third and fourth guess. So using letter frequency and a minimum of vowels I chose a set of 4 words. Those words use 20 different letters, so it usually finds most, and those not chosen include Q, Z and X which hardly ever appear. And by using JUMPS if the U is green you might be using Q. I know CLANK is a bit weird, but C is more common than B of BLANK.

So in most cases after those 4 words I know all 5 letters, or it might have a B, V or W.. A bit tricky with double letters, which I expected to be vowels. BUT they can also be consonants as I was tripped up by RABBI and DADDY.


As usual I beat these puzzles to death, that is how I learned Backgammon playing computer opponents rather than humans, and then Suduko, which I still play the daily "hard" puzzlle at the NY Times. So here I got a streak of 109 wins, and will retire from all but the daily game.


And finally from cartoonist Scott Metzger



While those 4 words work well to brute force an answer. I have switched to 2 or 3 words that allow me to make guesses sooner. Even made my 3rd 2 word solve recently.


Lessons learned the hard way


With still 2 possible words, I ran out of tries (the solution was WATCH)

Probably better would have used CATCH as a third guess to eliminate the double C possibility, and then go on ignoring ATCH and trying to figure out the first letter with words using P M L B W, like PLUMB one of my original word choices.

And sometimes this puzzle is just ...


Still fine tuning, took a suggestion from Nancy