Had to say goodbye to a dear friend today.

Some people think this picture was staged, but Mango would nearly hang out on my shoulder anytime I was sitting in that chair (I guess it was his chair)meNmango2

Mango succumbed to a slow degenerative illness today, quite unexpectantly, he was just 11

Always in a good mood (cat's tail standing straight up == same as a dog wagging theirs)mango1

Often on the lookout for visitors -- the day he spotted a bobcat -- luckily on the other side of the glassIMG_1321

Even on vigilant guard duty here in FL IMG_2624

While you couldn't tell from this picture, Mango and Mao were never really friends, though often inseparable while patrolling outside. P1000321 P1000118

Mao died earlier this year, having lived to 18, he did see FL though we weren't really sure if he could make the trip MAO2a

Goodbye Mango, keep watch over us. IMG_2601