Well Christmas has past, hope you all had a Merry one. We had about half the family here - Mom, sister, and her daughter Stacy, Nancy and I.

The other half of the family was here Jeri and her daughter Keeley for my mom's 95th birthday 3 weeks ago. We had a party with about 40 in the lodge, English tea like with Champaign.


Seems like the Eisenhard's are building a housing empire here. We bought a villa, then a house. Sister is in a villa, and is waiting to close on a house. And my mom has her house. The plan was to revamp the villa and the house, and try to ping pong between the 2. But we took the Shreuder's advice and have both kitchens torn apart right now.


We are getting into the FL routine, biking -- many rails to trails developed paths mostly paved along the old railroad right of ways.


This was a foggy morning on the Good Neighbor trail.

And golf ...


Nancy on the 5th hole of the Highlands chip and putt that normally sucks our ball into a drainage ditch, but she parred it today.

Also pickleball, Christmas golf cart parades, shows with upscale local bands. The best so far was the Majesty of Rock a tribute band to Styx and Journey. I say upscale as we have the "PAC" which seats 300-400 so we can attract some serious talent.

Back to Christmas --

On Christmas eve a quiet dinner with my mom, while my sister and Stacy spent it in St Pete.

Next day they returned and opened presents at my sisters, and let Morris the cat run wild through the wrapping paper.


Christmas night a quiet family dinner, not the big event.

Then on Boxing Day -

Eggs benedict for brunch, and then we had a white elephant gift exchange.

That night the big prime rib dinner at my mothers, Yorkshire pudding, creamed onions, spinach casserole, mushrooms, potatoes and creme de mint sundaes. Seems like we all forgot to eat any of the potatoes, mom kept reminding us.


We miss you all in Tahoe, not sure we miss the snow especially when the resorts are closed and inaccessible. I traded in the snow blower for a golf cart...


Remember it's --

W-elcome T-o F-lorida

The free state, masks mostly only in health care facilities. While the lame stream media shouts about FL cases, they seem to ignore that nearly 1/3 of all cases in the US right now are in NYC.

So we are all vaccinated and boosted, hope you are too and stay well.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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